Micro-Moments: Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet Using Digital Marketing

Now that you’ve had time to clear your emails and catch up after the holidays, it’s now a great time to begin planning your digital strategy. The first step in creating a digital strategy is understanding how digital is being used by customers to find your business.

Whether they’re visiting your website, logging on to Facebook or searching for a new product, it’s important to understand how they’re doing this.

This is where the concept of ‘micro-moments’ comes in. Micro-moments are all of the small interactions that customers could potentially have with your brand. Once you know what your customers’ micro-moments are, you can make sure you’re there ready for them.

This varies massively between sectors. For a plumbing business near to Leeds, you want to make sure you have a presence on Google for people searching for ‘plumbers in Leeds’.

Similarly, if you are an online retailer of hiking boots, you want your website to show up when people search for ‘hiking boots’.

Daily Tip

Find out what your customers’ micro-moments are. If you need any help figuring yours out, tweet us at @Statement and we’ll happily give you some guidance! 

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