How to Use Digital to Stay Front of Mind With Your Customers

Staying at the forefront of your customers’ minds is vital - when they’re ready to buy, you want to be the brand that they think of first. So how can you use digital to stay front of mind with your ideal customers?

Social Media

Having active accounts on the social media platforms that your customers use is an effective and straightforward way to stay front of mind.

The type of business you own, and your target audience, will determine the social platforms you use - for example, clothing retailers may choose Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, whilst B2B companies may choose to use Twitter and LinkedIn.

Staying front of mind with your customers through social can be achieved through frequent and consistent posting, consisting of mostly content your audience will find useful or interesting, alongside occasional self promotion.

However, on social media, customers tend to feel equal to businesses, so it’s important that you use this platform to actively engage with your followers and make them feel involved in the brand. Replying to any questions that come your way, or simply thanking your followers for kind comments, can really make a difference, and will help to maintain your position as their go-to brand.


Content marketing is also an effective way to stay front of mind with your customers as it can create a loyal following for your brand. Content marketing is the creation of valuable and relevant content for your defined audience, and can include writing blog posts and making informational videos.

If you frequently write and publish interesting, insightful blog posts, this works to position you as a company that is willing and happy to help its customers. It can also give your followers a reason to keep returning to you.

If whenever they visit your website or social pages, they are met with useful articles that enhance their experience, this gives them a reason to invest time into your brand, and in turn, causes your followers to think fondly of your company and remember you.

If you would like to learn more about content marketing and how you can benefit from it, read this insightful article from the Content Marketing Institute.


Email marketing is another effective way to stay front of mind with your customers. Emails are cost effective, and you can benefit greatly from a high quality, relevant email database.

Emails can be a great way to inform your customers about any upcoming events you may be holding, or any offers or sales. Also, offering exclusive discounts or loyalty schemes to your email subscribers can be an effective way of creating a strong, loyal customer base, and ensuring that they return to your brand.

Sending emails to your customers is an easy way to reach mobile users. Research from Adestra found that 57% of emails are accessed using a mobile device, meaning that this is a great way to reach out to your customers and stay front of mind while they’re on the go.

Digital Advertising

One widely adopted type of digital advertising is Google AdWords, which allows companies to compete for Google’s advertising space, based on targeted keywords. This means that your ads will only be shown on the results pages of relevant searches, increasing your chances of reaching your target customers.

Online advertisements allow you to target specific groups of people (who would be your ideal customer) and raise your brand awareness with these groups. You will also then be able to retarget based on previous engagement. This retargeting, or ‘remarketing’, means that users who visit your site will see ads for your products when they are browsing other websites, therefore reminding them of your brand.

Retargeting also gives further insight into who your customers are, meaning that, if needed, you can tailor your targeting even more.


Having an informative and helpful website in place is another important factor in staying at the forefront of your customers’ minds.

If your website is attractive, easy to navigate, and includes any information your customers may be looking for, this increases the likelihood that they will visit it on a regular basis. The better your website is in terms of usability and customer experience, the more your customers will think of your brand. The more enjoyable the user experience is, the more often they will think to visit.

Your website can also be easily integrated into the rest of your marketing strategy by linking to it in relevant social posts, emails and ads (for example, if you mention a particular product, link to its product page on your website). Linking to specific pages will ensure that you are directing your customers straight to the most interesting or helpful pages for them, and will remind them of the quality of your content and brand.

Blogger Outreach

Reviews and personal referrals are often viewed as the most valid in the eyes of a consumer, and when 61% of customers will read product reviews before making a purchase decision, this means that they should be of top priority for brands too.

One way to assure customers that your products are high quality and that you’re trustworthy, as well as reaching a wider audience and reminding your current customers of your brand, is blogger outreach.

Bloggers can really influence what their readers want to buy - their opinions are valued by their followers and their reviews are viewed as genuine and honest. If a blogger recommends a product, it’s likely that their readers will buy it.

If you identify bloggers who create content relevant to your industry, and share your brand’s values, they are likely to want to work with your company and to talk about (and promote) your products.

Whether they talk about a specific product in one blog post, or you arrange for them to be an ongoing brand ambassador, having an influential blogger talk about your products can do wonders for increasing your brand awareness and staying front of mind.


Another popular strategy of staying front of mind with customers is by launching competitions. These can be a great way of giving your marketing activity a boost - as long as there's a plan in place for themes, prizes and timescales.

Are you staying front of mind?

If you want to retain your customers, being the brand they think of when in need of product or service that you offer is of the utmost importance. If you’re still unsure how you can stay at the forefront of your customers’ minds, get in touch.

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