Email Marketing: Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet Using Digital Marketing

Some businesses think that email marketing is out-of-date and intrusive. The truth is that whilst there are some intrusive emails from brands out there, there are also many brands that are doing email marketing really well.

Actually, email marketing is often seen as one the best digital marketing strategies for return on investment – but only if it’s done well.

Email marketing comes down to three core elements, which are shown in the video below explained by Regan Peschel from Sendgrid.

You need to send the right email.

Is your email helpful to the user or are you just using it as a platform to promote your products?

You need to send it to the right people.

Not everybody on your list will want to see every email so segmenting your email database into different lists is good practice.

You need to send it at the right time.

Your users are likely to open their emails at different times and so catching them at the right time can be important. Don’t go sending emails at 7am in the morning if your audience isn't going to engage at that time of day. 

Daily Tip

Is your email list segmented? Make sure that your email database has different lists – some good examples are segmenting according to which product customers bought, whether they’re a repeat customer or not, whether they entered a competition etc. If you want any help figuring out how to best segment your lists, tweet us at @Statement.

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