Digital Marketing Trends from August 2015

Now that everybody is returning to work after their holidays, many small businesses are back in the swing of things and now looking to invest in digital to grow their business – especially knowing that the crucial Christmas period is just around the corner. So what trends occurred in August and what can we take away from them moving into the next quarter?

Google’s Local Listing Changes

Google If you are a small, local business then visibility in location-based search terms is very important. If you are a local plumber in Leeds, then you want to be showing up when people search for ‘Leeds plumbers’.

Previously, when somebody searched for terms like these, there was a list of around seven to eight small businesses that the user may be interested in. Now this list has been cut down to three.

This has changed due to mobile. More people are searching on mobile devices and because screens are smaller on mobile, the list needs to be smaller too.

For small businesses, this means that local search engine optimisation is harder than before and your marketing team needs to ensure that your business is visible in the top three businesses in your local area.

Our advice: Invest in local search engine optimisation and make sure that your customers and clients leave reviews on your Google+ page.

Tweets in Search

Twitter Another change to search results is the introduction of tweets. To those unfamiliar, tweets are the posts on the social media platform, Twitter.

These tweets usually come up when celebrities are searched, but it also happens when big brands are searched for too – such as Coca Cola.

This reinforces the idea that social media is important for your search engine ranking – Google is listening to the social networks and using them in search.

Our advice: Be active on Twitter. You don’t necessarily have to have a complete social media strategy but posting content on a semi-regular basis will be good for your brand, your SEO and ultimately, your sales.

Facebook is the #1 News Source

Facebook New insights are telling us that Facebook is now the number one source of news information for people. Facebook is ahead of Google when it comes to people finding breaking news.

When something in the news happens, people want to add their commentary. The most popular way of doing this is via your Facebook page.

This is great news for marketers because we now know that users are not only comfortable with sharing content and news updates on Facebook, that’s where they prefer to do so – we just have to make sure that our content is worth sharing.

Our advice: Make sure that you have a blog or news section on your website so that you can add posts when there’s a breaking news item in your industry.

Next Steps

If you want to find out more on how to action any of these new trends and updates, feel free to get in touch and we can set up a meeting to talk through how best to use digital to grow your business. 

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