Changes to Refunds, Repairs and Replacements for Retailers

For many retailers, both online and offline, a strong returns policy can be a great way of keeping customers happy and keep their trust. When was the last time you reviewed your returns and complaints procedures?

What is the policy?


A new policy coming into place on October 1st means that shoppers are going to have more leeway when it comes to returning their purchases. There are a few key changes including the shopper’s right to replacing digital downloads.

The main change that most retailers will want to read up on is the returns period. Consumers will now have 30 days to return any products that are faulty and they will be entitled to a full refund. This also includes digital content, whether it’s an ebook or a game, and consumers will be able to get a replacement or repair if they are faulty.

If a consumer has a dispute about a refund, there are certified third party mediators (ADR providers) who are available to help when a dispute goes unsettled. This policy will be cheaper and quicker than the courts so businesses will be able to spend more time focusing on their store.

What should your business do?

  • Update your returns policy and make the change on your website
  • Review your terms and conditions to make sure they comply
  • Train your staff and make sure that they’re aware of the change

If you want further information on the change, check out the Business Companion website for free, legal advice on retail.

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