Digital Marketing Trends from April 2015

April's digital marketing landscape was rocked by a few changes this month - in particular, Google and Facebook. We have put together our very own industry roundup for the month with our own insight onto what your next steps should be!

Google’s Search Rankings Will Penalise Non-Responsive Websites

We have covered this in one of our previous blog posts but it’s worth mentioning yet again. Google’s new algorithm change (crowned ‘Mobilegeddon’) is one of the biggest digital marketing updates of April and if you take anything away today from our insights, it is this.

Mobile Phone

Google have been taking whether a website is mobile-friendly or not into its search rankings for some time now but in April, Google made a significant change to how important this factor is.

In 2015, more and more people are visiting websites on mobile. For some of our clients, we are seeing that this is even a majority so it’s important that Google, and other search engines, adapt how they work to fit this.

Google want people to use their service. To make these users return to the service, the experience has to be positive and useful. If you’re on mobile and the website is hard to use, your experience will be a terrible one. So Google will only want easy-to-use, mobile-friendly websites in its search results.

If your website is not mobile-friendly, it is likely that you will see a drop in your ranking on Google. As a consequence, it’s possible you’ll lose website visits and ultimately this will mean you may lose business. To be sure that your website won’t be affected, Google have released a handy tool that will let you know!

Our advice: Make sure your website is easy to use on mobile devices as soon as possible!

Your Brand and Google

Your brand is becoming more important online and Google is beginning to recognise how to identify your brand’s marketing collateral online. Now, when you search for certain terms, a small ‘brand’ name will pop up alongside some search results.

Brand and Search 1

Brand and Search 2

We’re big advocates of being integrated online. Making sure that you use a variety of marketing strategies and platforms in a consistent way can be very powerful - from social media, content marketing, blogger outreach to Google AdWords and everything in between. It’s all about your brand and having as many digital brand touch points as it takes to reach your potential customers.

You may have seen these brand names on search terms for a while but Google are increasingly using ‘your brand’ in your ranking for a while - as opposed to just ‘your website’.

Less Organic Visibility on Facebook?

Facebook have three algorithm updates to their News Feed which may affect how much organic visibility you get on your fans’ Facebook feeds.


One previous rule they had was that it would not show multiple posts by the same page too close together. They are relaxing this rule now however. If a user wants to interact with content and wants to interact with a page, Facebook will give them more opportunity to do so. Also great opportunities for us!

In contrast, the second change is that they will make friend updates more of a priority over brand updates. If your friend has become pregnant, it’s likely you’ll care and want to see this as opposed to Coca Cola’s new marketing campaign. This is good for people using Facebook personally, but not necessarily for us in marketing.

The last change is about stories made when your friend likes or comments on a post. Historically, if you friend likes a post from a brand, it will appear in your timeline. But this is not necessarily a good indication that you will also like this post, and so they are decreasing the prominence of this kind of story.

In summary of these updates, it doesn’t look great for marketers. However, whilst your organic reach may decline, it will leave you with users who genuinely enjoy interacting with your brand.

Our advice: Focus on creating high quality, shareable content on Facebook that your fans will interact with.

Do you want to discuss any of the above?

If you want to have a chat about how any of the above may affect your business, please don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll be more than happy to see how can we can help you.

Image Credits: With thanks to Stokpic and Simon.

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