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Free Uber trips in Wakefield this Weekend!

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Wakefield Uber

So Uber has been insanely popular all across the US and it has recently popped up over here in the UK - and more specifically, Wakefield. As part of their launch, they are allowing everybody in Wakefield  free Uber trips for the whole of this weekend!

As a launch strategy, this definitely has the opportunity to attract a lot of buzz. Who doesn’t love freebies? Whilst it is a big investment on Uber’s part, the hope is that plenty of Wakefield residents will open up an account for their free rides. From there, Uber will then have plenty of information for remarketing in the future. They will have your e-mail, a phone number, name etc. and this can all be used to send further deals and promotions to attract users again down the line.

Uber Wakefield

Uber is known for their growth-hacking and it is a big part of their immense growth over a short period of time. When you sign up, you get a free ride when you refer a friend and some users get an amount of credit towards an Uber ride.

The limit on this particular offer is ten trips and up to the value of £10 - which is still a big enough attraction. We’ve definitely become interested! But whilst this has huge potential, it also has the ability to backfire. How many people use Uber enough to be aware of this offer in the first place? What if there aren’t enough cars available?

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