Where to find influencers who will promote your business online


Influencers can be a great way to get your brand message out to lots of people in a short period of time. All you need is one popular influencer to retweet your latest blog post and you can instantly see a significant increase in traffic to your website. Where can you find these influencers and how can you get them to like your stuff?

Twitter Search & Hashtags

If you follow a specific hashtag which is related to your industry or related to your specific blog post, you will see that Twitter automatically gives you the ‘top posts’.

Depending on the hashtag and people involved in the conversation, you may be able to find an influencer amongst these posts. If a brand or user is getting plenty of retweets and engagement, then they might be worth investigating as a possible outreach.

YouTube Vloggers

Plenty of vloggers on the social channel of YouTube are open to becoming ambassadors of your goods or services (assuming of course they do like your products or services). Sometimes you may need to offer an investment for sponsorship but if they like your product enough, they may share it without you approaching them directly.

Here is a good example of a YouTuber under the name of @JoshuaDTV who became an advocate for a teeth-whitening company called Smile Sciences. Obviously his informal content isn't for everybody and getting YouTubers to promote your product doesn't always have to be informal but you can get the gist.


Similarly, there may be topical bloggers out there on sites like Blogger or Wordpress who may be happy to share a review, retweet or link to your website. An advantage of approaching bloggers is that they may very well include your company name in a blog post. These blog posts are more likely to stick around in search results than a tweet would, so your mention will have a bit more longevity.

How can you get these people to become ambassadors?

If you approach these people out of the blue and ask them for something without offering anything, then you’re unlikely to get anywhere. To get these people to notice you, you need to play the long game. Start by following them on Twitter or subscribing to their channel on YouTube. Then leave a few comments, replies or favourite a few of their tweets. Get engaged with them and start conversations without the immediate goal of getting them to like your stuff. It’s all about building relationships.

Then after a few weeks, or maybe even months, when you feel that you have a good relationship, you could approach them a little more directly. One tactic is to send them a private message or email and ask them for the favour. If you’re very transparent, polite and kind then they might agree.

If they don’t want to, then don’t take it to heart. But there is nothing wrong with asking for feedback - it might be that they don’t like promoting other brands. At the same time, it might be that they just don’t like your product and asking for feedback might give you the opportunity to improve your service or product offering.

If they don’t reply at all, that’s still fine. Continue building the relationship and follow through a few weeks later, again, being polite and transparent.

It’s all about building relationships
If you want a little more help with blogger outreach or link building, then get in touch and we’d be happy to discuss your strategy with you.

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