How to Make Your Blog More Attractive and Appealing


Having a blog, or a content marketing strategy, can be an effective way of bringing in new traffic to your site and turning visitors into conversions. But that’s not to say that simply having a blog is all you need. Many business owners think that they can have a blog and upload press releases and bam!

In today’s landscape, people don’t want to read lots of text online. This is why you need to anything you can to make your blog more visual, more attractive and more appealing. Otherwise, it is unlikely that you will convert these users. So what small changes can you make?

1. Add More Images to Your Blog Post

There have been plenty of studies that have shown that images within a blog can increase conversions. It just makes the page look a lot nicer and is more visually attractive.

Don’t be afraid to insert more than one image, a good handful can go a long way to assisting a high quality blog post.

There are plenty of free image sites such as Unsplash, PicJumbo and Pixabay where you can find relevant images of high quality.

2. Convert Your Blog Post to an Infographic


Sometimes you will find that a blog post would also work well as an infographic. These are basically images that have information woven into them, and usually contain data or lists. They are easy to scan, which makes them appealing because readers can get the same information but in a fraction of the time. They are also really easy to share on social media which could mean an extra bit of traffic to your site.

If you have any talents in graphic design or have contacts on hand who could whip you an infographic up, then you should take advantage of them.

3. Embed More Videos into Your Blog Posts


Blog posts can include a lot of text, and sometimes images alone or infographics just can’t paint the same, detailed picture. Why not try converting the post into a video. You could then embed this video at the top of your blog post for people to watch if they don’t fancy reading through the whole thing.

Some people are visual learners and your content writer needs to keep this in mind.

Maybe you don’t have the resources to make a video from scratch but if there are related videos, embed them like you would a link. By offering your readers more visual content, you can hold their attention for far longer.

4. Make Your Headings Clear

If you don’t already, you should split your content into sections with each section having a clear, easy-to-read header.

This makes it easy for readers to scan and get the gist of your piece if they are in a rush. They may then decide to save the blog post for later if the headings intrigue them enough.

5. Add More Bullet Points and Lists


By formatting your blog and offering your readers a change in reading format, you can pique their interest a little longer. People are far more inclined to read a bullet point or a numbered list because it stands out against blocks of text.Similar to sub headings, they are easy to scan which makes it easier for your readers.

Where possible, you should put your tips in lists so that the blog post has plenty of ‘scan-ability’.

Find anything useful?

We hope these tips give you some useful insight if you have found that you are struggling with your content marketing formatting. Get in touch if you would like any further support, we’re always happy to help.

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