An Introduction to ... Video and Photography

video and photography

You will of course know what video and photography are, but it is common to forget that they can be an incredibly effective way of engaging your audience and directing them to your business.

Customers don’t always like to read; whether this is on your website, on social media, or in your emails. If you only use text as a way to market your business then you have to try even harder to capture your audience’s attention. But if you use video and photography, it can be a lot easier to engage and interact with your customers and ultimately convert them to purchasing your goods or services.

How can you utilise photography in your marketing strategy?

Photography is a great way of telling stories. The visual aspect helps your content to be more interesting and compelling. People are much more likely to look at an image than read a paragraph of text. It’s just quicker and easier - there’s no simpler way to explain. So how can you utilise photography for your company?

  • By taking photos of your team hard at work;
  • By taking photos of your products;
  • By using free images or stock photography in your blog articles and content marketing;
  • By creating other kinds of images - infographics, charts, illustrations etc. to better explain a concept or topic.

How can you utilise video in your marketing strategy?

Whilst photography can do a great job at engaging your audience, video can go even further. It usually takes more time and resource but when it’s done right, video is prone to more benefits. You can use video to:

  • Create a fun video showcasing your company ethos and values;
  • Create a video showcasing your products in action;
  • Create a tutorial / explainer video to accompany your blog articles

There are really no limits to how you use video and photography within your business’s marketing strategy - the most effective ones are the most creative.

What makes successful video and photography?

Video and photography can be hard to get right, but the engagement you can glean is definitely worthwhile. Many different factors come into play when identifying a successful video and photography strategy:

  • They need to be branded professionally. Do the colours match your brand? What about the fonts?
  • Is your photography cheesy or unoriginal? This is definitely something to keep an eye on if you are considering stock photography - there are some great stock photos out there, but there are tonnes of poor quality stock photos too.
  • Your video and photography should be of high quality - they lose their effectiveness if they are blurry, pixelated or if they don’t appear properly on a user’s screen.

Make sure that you are in constant contact with whoever is making your videos or taking your photos to ensure that these things are considered. If not, your investment could be easily lost if your videos and photographs are not generating the image that best sells your brand.

What benefits can you get from video and photography?

There are many benefits to using video and photography alongside your existing text content:

  • It’s a lot easier to engage your audience;
  • It’sa simpler way to present information;
  • Videos and photography are shared a lot more on social media than text;
  • Some social media sites are prime platforms for uploading your videos and photos - Instagram is purely an image and video sharing site and YouTube is purely a video sharing site. But there are plenty more including Flickr and Tumblr.

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