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google adwords

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is an online advertising scheme from Google. AdWords enables you to highlight your website or products in search results pages, via the use of an advert that appears when people search for phrases directly related to your website content, products and services.

How does Google Adwords work?

AdWords runs on a ‘pay per click’ system (sometime referred to as PPC) which means that you only pay when someone actually clicks on your advert and then through to your website.

You don’t pay for your advert simply to be shown; you only pay when a user interacts with it. This way, you’re only paying for engagement. Here’s a brief overview of how it works

  • You create an advert which links to your website, for example, an outdoor hiking equipment store;
  • A user somewhere in the world visits Google and wants to find a website that sells footwear for hiking, so searches for “hiking boots”;
  • If you have a successful AdWords campaign in place with relevant keywords and an appropriate level of investment, your advert may appear for the user amongst the usual organic results;
  • The user sees your ad and clicks through to your website.

Where will my advert appear?

You may have noticed advertisements that appear at the top or right-hand side of your search results page on Google. These are there as a result of Google AdWords.

The position of your advert depends on a number of factors, including the quality and relevance of your website page once the user clicks through, the amount you are willing to pay for a click, and the quality of your advert.The image below shows how a search result with Google Ads looks - it may look very familiar to you!

google adwords

The top three results are adverts whilst all of the results below these are organic search results which haven’t been paid for.

What kind of financial investment does Google Adwords need?

The cost of a click can vary from a few pence to several pounds, and is all about how competitive your keyword search terms are. The more people are competing on the same words, phrases or locations - then the more expensive the click is likely to be.

However, you are in control of the maximum amount that you are willing to pay per click.

You can set a daily budget so that Google knows when to stop showing your ads and when to stop spending your money. Once your daily budget has been spent, your adverts will not appear until the following day when the process will start all over again.

What do you need to consider?

Because this form of digital marketing involves more financial investment, it obviously needs careful consideration and subsequent careful monitoring. It’s important that your AdWords campaign is focused and well managed, to keep your costs to a minimum and ensure that your adverts attract relevant customers who are ready to engage with your business.

AdWords is a strategy with the sole purpose of directing traffic to your website so it’s not a marketing strategy to be used in isolation. You may also wish to consider a combination of content marketing and other SEO strategies to be used in conjunction with paid-for advertising

However, this type of advertising can provide instant results, in many cases significantly increasing traffic to a website. This can be particularly helpful to new websites that will need more time to rank well organically.

What next?

The next guide is on printed media marketing - which is familiar to a lot of businesses. Click below to read!

printed media

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