An Introduction to ... Email Marketing

email marketing

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is arguably one of the more traditional forms of digital marketing, but the trends involved are known to change regularly.

The idea is to gather a database of email addresses of your customers or clients and then send those people emails to keep them engaged with your company’s news and offerings. They can either be regular or one-off campaigns.

Emails often include promotional offers, discount codes, new products, company news, and latest blog posts - amongst others items. The best email marketing strategies are often the most varied and creative.

At Statement, we send monthly emails to our clients and friends with all of our latest news as you can see from the snippet below:


What’s the general idea?

The idea is that if you keep your existing customers engaged and keep directing them to your website, they are more likely to re-purchase. Once you have their email address, you can directly approach them with targeted content and deals by sending content directly to their email inbox.

So what’s the usual process?

  • You gather the email address of a customer or client, usually through an email subscription box on your website or through the customer purchasing your goods.Always ensure you have permission to send them emails.
  • You send them, along with a group of similar customers, a regular e-newsletter with deals, discounts and interesting blog posts.
  • Every time you send them an email or e-newsletter, they are more likely to return to your website and consequently consider purchasing from you once more - or at least become more aware of your brand.

The real beauty of email marketing is how flexible it is. You can send different emails to different people depending on whether they are a customer, client or partner, or whether they prefer to purchase shoes, jackets or hats!

An increasing trend in the email marketing community is to send ‘personalised’ emails by gathering data and then providing content for a user depending on the products they’ve previously bought, viewed, saved etc. So if a customer has a habit of looking at jackets, they are clearly interested in jackets and are likely to buy one in the future. You may then choose to send them a targeted email displaying, for example, the most popular jackets in your range.


What makes a great email marketing campaign?

A great email marketing campaign has the following features:

  • An attractive, engaging and professionally branded layout;
  • Targeted and interesting content;
  • Good quality content to avoid email spam filters.

An email marketing campaign can be tricky to get right which is why you need the first impression to be good – this can be achieved with an attractive layout.

You then need the actual content to be engaging, whether this is a 50% off coupon or a link to your most popular product.

And then finally, you need the emails to actually arrive in the customer’s inbox and not trapped in a spam filter!

What are the benefits of a successful email marketing strategy?

By having a great email marketing strategy in place, you are open to many benefits.

The first and most obvious benefit is the potential increase in traffic to your website every time you send an email or e-newsletter.

Another great benefit is that you can vastly increase customer loyalty as once you have the users email address, you can keep them engaged on a regular basis.

We definitely believe that, when done right, email marketing can be an effective marketing strategy, especially on a long term basis.

What next?

The next chapter in this series will be on Google Adwords so click below for that and don't forget to sign up to our monthly newsletter on the right!

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