5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Invest in Facebook Advertising


If you have a Facebook page for your business, you may be aware of how great a tool it can be. But if you have been on the platform for a few years, you will probably have realised there has been a dramatic drop in post reach. Whilst you used to be able to get your posts read by almost all of your followers, now you only a reach a fraction - sometimes less than 5%.

This is because Facebook has realised just how valuable businesses are on their platform and changed their algorithm so that businesses are forced to invest money to get their messages to their audiences. There are many arguments back and forth about how fair it is and whether they should be allowed to do so, but the truth is that businesses will now have to invest a little bit of money to use the platform in an efficient and effective way.

This is unfortunate news for small businesses who already struggle to find the time or resource to commit to social media. But the fact is, when you do invest, Facebook is fantastic.

We realise that you may need a bit of persuading, so here are five reasons why small businesses should set some money aside to invest in Facebook Ads or boosted posts.

Reason #1 - You don’t need to invest a lot


This will be the first and ultimately most important reason for any small business. Whilst you can invest hundreds of pounds in to promoting your posts, you don’t have to. Even a small amount of budget allocation can go a long way. A small budget of something like £10 a week can reach hundreds of followers, which is all you need if you are a small but growing business.

Reason #2 - The more reach, the more traffic to your site

more traffic

This is an obvious reason but often overlooked. If you are putting effort into getting people to see your posts, it is likely that these people will visit your website. What does this mean? This means more interest in your product or service and eventually more sales or enquiries.

People can often forget that you’re not only investing in reach, you are also investing in web traffic, customer engagement and brand loyalty, amongst other things.

Reason #3 - You can get a lot higher level of brand engagement

brand engagement

Similarly to the above point, investing in boosted posts can get more people interested in your brand because they are actually able to read your messages. With carefully crafted social posts and the right Facebook investment, you can increase your brand engagement - which in all honesty is what being on Facebook should primarily be about.

Reason #4 - You can reach new audiences

new audiences

If you do not promote your posts, you are limiting your reach to new audiences. Facebook allows business owners to not only invest in their posts so that all of their followers get to chance to see them, but they also allow you to push posts into people’s timelines who are not yet following you.

This is a great opportunity to get your brand out to people who have not yet encountered you. New people means new followers which means new sales.

Reason #5 - You can reach very specific, targeted audiences

specific audiences

We left the most exciting reason til last. One of the best tools that Facebook has to offer is that you can set up your post so that it reaches the type of audience you want to attract.

Whilst casting a net and reaching a wide range of audiences is good, it can be more valuable to reach a smaller amount of people who are most likely to buy from you in the future.

Who is your target demographic? You can use the tool to reach that demographic.

You can reach people specific to a location - which is handy for small businesses who may be fixed to a specific area or city. You can also reach people of a specific gender or age if it is relevant to your target demographic. More options are reaching people by likes, interests, relationship status, workplace or education. Plenty of targeting options to help your business!

Why not give it a try?

We hope we have given you a bit more insight into the value of investing in Facebook Advertising - at least enough that you think aboutgiving it a try. If you do want a bit more help however, we are always happy to work with small businesses on a one-to-one basis so send us a message with more details!

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