Why aren't your social media followers buying from you? (+Video)

Social media is a fantastic marketing tool because of its flexibility. You can use it to raise brand awareness, to improve customer service or to drive traffic to your website. If you use it for the latter, you will usually want users to buy from you or get in touch with an enquiry. But if they’re not doing that, why is that the case and how can you change that?

Are your social media followers relevant?

One of the big things to consider is whether your social media followers are relevant to your business and your products. This usually depends on how you acquired them.

If your follower base is built on friends and family, this is a big indicator as to why your social conversions are low. They’re probably not that interested in the product, they’re interested in you - that’s why they liked your page.

Another common mistake is that when business owners run social media competitions in order to get more likes and followers, they don’t always consider the ‘quality’ of these new people. When you run a competition, the prize should be one of your products. That way, any new followers are likely to actually be interested in your company and your products - as opposed to a cash prize or shopping voucher, which you’ll find that any ‘comper’ will engage with. You want your fans to have a genuine interest so that when the competition is over, they continue to take an interest in your business and may purchase your products in the future.

The point is that you want your followers to be genuinely interested in your products and for that to be the reason why they liked your page in the first place.

Are your product posts relevant?

You will probably promote certain products on your social media pages and this is the main way that you will encourage traffic to your website. But which products are you promoting?

It might be that you need to reconsider the types of products you push, and you may need to do some experimenting to identify which products work well on your social media page.

You should also remember that just because a competitor successfully posts a certain type of product on their page, it doesn’t mean that the same product will work for you. You may have a different kind of audience who are likely to engage with a different kind of product. Are you promoting your footwear range when the majority of your social media audience is interested in your jackets?

Are you too ‘salesy’?

If you come across as ‘salesy’ in your social posts, a lot of people will not want to buy from your brand on principle. You need to be friendly and interactive - this will go a long way to converting your social media followers to customers.

But sometimes even this is not enough. You may have heard of content marketing and the principle behind this is to provide your audience with something useful and of value (usually not directly related to your product) so that you can build their brand loyalty. Read our blog post on why we think content marketing is important for small businesses and start-ups for a bit more information on this!

Are you promoting a product and forgetting to re-promote?

Sometimes your audience will see your product post and they might be interested. They may think that they do need that product in their life but might not be in a position to buy right there right then. They may have kids to look after or a heavy workload or they’re in the middle of cooking dinner. But they are interested, so how can you get that purchase?

You can re-promote the same product maybe a few days later and with a bit of luck, your audience will be more likely to purchase this time. Sometimes you may need to promote a product three or four times to push your audience down the converting funnel.

However, this tactic can be unpredictable. There’s a chance you can irritate your audience if you constantly post the same product over and over again; be more subtle about it and you may be able to pull it off. It all depends on your particular audience and also how often you promote other things alongside your products and services.

Need more help?

If you’re struggling to fully understand how to use social media to drive sales to your website, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help! 

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