Content Marketing Ideas for Small eCommerce Retailers (+Video)

Content marketing is the newest marketing strategy to provide success for small businesses. It is a strategy that focuses on customer trust and loyalty but also focuses on business growth. It attracts consumers but it also works to retain them. But many eCommerce business owners struggle when it comes to thinking of ideas to write content about, so here is a guide to content marketing for small eCommerce retailers.

Tutorials and Guides

The first thing you may want to attempt at writing is a tutorial or guide. These work best for attracting new customers because tutorials are food for search engines like Google. Users are constantly searching on ‘how to’ do something online so if you draft a great how-to guide, then Google may bring you up for some of these users. There you have new visitors to your site.

But what can you write a tutorial about?

If you have particularly technical or crafty products, you may want to let people know how to use them. For example, ‘How to Use an Electric Oven’ if your eCommerce store has kitchen appliances or ‘How to Use a Beard Trimmer’ if you sell haircare products for men).

If you consider your target audience, you could write tutorials about the kind of lifestyle that they may lead even if you don’t sell the product directly. For example, if you sell mobile phone accessories and your target audience is young, trendy and tech-focused then you may write a guide on the most popular emoji’s, even if your eCommerce store isn’t directly related. But by focusing on their wants and needs, you are likely to still catch their interest.

If you sell quite niche products that some people may not have heard of, you could write an introductory guide on the product for beginners. Many people use Google to search for things like ‘what is … x?’ By making an explanatory post about a product, you are giving these users information of value.

Tutorials and guides can be great for small eCommerce retailers as they focus on growth and can help build the traffic to your website. If your site is optimised well for conversions, then this traffic should go on to follow you on social or sign up to an email newsletter or even buy from you!

Company Updates

The best thing about being a small business online is that you have a real opportunity to build a tight-knit bunch of loyal customers. These kind of loyal customers are likely to genuinely care about your company and so updating your blog with company news could be beneficial to increase this sense of community.

But what kind of company updates?

If you have recently won an award or have been commended in an award ceremony, then share this on your blog and on social sites. If you have been nominated for an award which involves a public vote, this can be a good way to encourage your customers to vote.

If your eCommerce company is relatively small, you may only have a handful of employees. Any new employees or employee news may be good topics for blog posts. It adds to the idea of building a community and transparency amongst your brand and it also begins to breaks down the wall between customer and company.

Customer Stories

A great way to get people to buy your product is to have social proof. If people see that other customers are happy, then they are more inclined to part with their money. This is why customer reviews can be so effective. If you can harness this in the form of blog entries then you may be on to a winning blog post.

How can you do this?

User-generated content is marketing gold. If you can get your customers to contribute images and videos of them using your products you could then share these on your website. Use social competitions to encourage these and offer prizes for the most creative contributions.

If you don’t think this could work then ask for text-based content in the form of customer success stories. Offer discounts or prizes to encourage your customers to send in stories about your products. For example, if you sell specialist beauty products then your customers may want to send in how they used your product at a specific moment in their life in exchange for a free sample or 10% discount code.

However, if your customers are loyal enough, you may not even have to offer an incentive! This is why being a small eCommerce company can benefit you as your customers are likely to have a larger sense of loyalty towards you.

Product Highlights

You may want to use your blog as a medium to promote specific products in your range. However, if you come off as too ‘sales-y’, then content marketing can have the opposite effect as to what you may intend.

You will have to be a little bit more creative! But how?

One example of being creative with product pushes is to use seasonal events to shape the content. Fashion retailers have great leverage here as you can have blog posts on ‘what to wear this spring’ or ‘what to wear in the run up to Christmas’. You can then showcase your top five products and provide links for your customers to purchase. Or if it’s coming up to Christmas or Mother’s Day, or any event where your products are great gifts, offer a blog post with the ‘top 10 gifts for your Mum this Mother’s Day’.

Another example that fashion retailers use often is writing content around a certain ‘look’ and providing a list of their clothing items that would look well together for a specific event or feel - for example, ‘festival fashion’.

But your content may not be as exciting as fashion. Another idea is to have a ‘brand’ focus blog post where you have an entire article promoting a brand or range of products. Again, it’s an opportunity to provide links to specific product pages so customers know where to buy the products.

These kinds of blog posts can be good for cementing your company as a thought leader in the industry. Soon you could be known as the go-to website for information on those kinds of products and this can help grow your small eCommerce business.

Do you want to implement content marketing?

We can’t stress enough just how beneficial content marketing can be for driving traffic to your website. If you want more content marketing help, then  send us a message with a bit more detail about your business and we'd be happy to help!

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