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In one of our upcoming blog posts we're going to talk about local SEO and how to improve your ranking in local queries. One of the tips was to weave local twists into your content marketing strategy - but how can you do that? It might be trickier than it looks, so here are some pointers to help you out if you are keen for your blog posts to appear in local search results.

Local Events

Is your local area having an event which you are attending? This might be a local sports event that you are sponsoring or a Christmas market at which you will have a stall.

You may not be able to attend the event in person but nonetheless, you should comment on it and encourage people to visit. If your post is optimised well, whenever somebody searches for that event, your post may be amongst the results to appear. Great exposure to a local audience!

Local Attractions

Does your local area have a tourist attraction? In Wakefield, we are lucky to have a variety of attractions such as The Hepworth, The Yorkshire Sculpture Park, The Orangery, and the new Unity Works (home to our new office!). By talking about something in your local area, you may get incoming traffic from people searching for these attractions.

It’s also a good way of supporting your local area by promoting them.

Local Issues

Maybe your local area has a topical issue that you want to address on your blog. You need to be cautious about causing unnecessary controversy but if it is something that aligns with your brand values then maybe you could consider expressing your opinion. Is a local historic building being torn down? Is a local charity in need of funding?

Local Culture

A lot of towns and villages have a long history that its residents are fondly aware of. Perhaps your local area has an industrial heritage or a rich culture of small businesses, or artists? Maybe you could include these themes in your company blog?

This will give your brand and blog a good sense of community and dedication to your local area which is good for building brand trust and loyalty.

Good luck with your content!

If you would like any help with content marketing ideas or strategic support,  get in touch and we’d be happy to discuss your content in more detail. 

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