Three things to include in your B2B email marketing campaign to drive more traffic to your site.

Email marketing is an incredibly effective marketing strategy to drive traffic from existing customers to your website on a regular basis. However, if you are a B2B company, it can sometimes be hard to think of ideas for what to include in your campaigns. Here’s a few to get you started!

Company News

Company News

The simplest thing to include is company news. If you write your copy in an engaging and fun way, even the most boring company news can be exciting. Have you just won an industry award? Have you just achieved a safety certificate?

Even though the topics seem quite boring at first glance, they are valuable assets to a B2B business which will make customers trust you more. You just have to make sure the wording and presentation is dynamic enough for people to want to read it - but definitely include it in your email campaigns where appropriate. It’s a great way to drive traffic to your website where you may also have announced it officially in the form of a blog post …

Blog Posts

If you are a B2B company who uses content marketing as part of your strategy, then you should definitely promote your best blog posts in your email campaigns. How are they going to get read if you don’t make people aware of them?

If your customers have taken the time to open your email, they will probably have a little time on their hands and will be able to read your blog post without any real distraction. So don’t worry about whether you are taking their time if you direct them to your blog post.

Just make sure that the blog post that you do include in your campaign is of a high quality (although all of your blog posts should be of high quality really!). This is another great way of using email marketing as a strategy to drive traffic directly to your website.

Follow-Up Services

Whilst most B2C companies have lots of opportunities to highlight products, you might provide services instead - which can sometimes be harder to highlight depending on your industry. One idea for B2B email marketing campaigns is that you can offer follow-up services in your newsletters.

Follow Up Services

These might not be as popular as your core services because they are often ‘afterthought’ jobs or maintenance jobs. So if you’re a B2B gardening company, you might also offer maintenance services like trimming or re-evaluations. It might be rare for clients to come directly to you looking for maintenance, so include them in your email campaigns to boost the service’s popularity.

Direct your clients where you want them to go; in this case you want to drive the traffic to your services pages. From there, they may make an enquiry. However, just be careful to segment your audience because if you also have prospective customers on your contact list, then you don’t want to be driving their traffic to somewhere like a maintenance service page before they have even started an initial project with you.

Any more ideas?

These are just three ideas that might spark some inspiration for a B2B email marketing campaign. Depending on your industry or company brand, you might be able to get away with the traditional product/service highlighting type of campaign but now and again you may need to offer some different content for your clients. What do you think of these ideas? Don’t forget to let us know on Twitter if you have any more thoughts!

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