3 Misconceptions about Social Media for Businesses (+Video)

The past few years have seen a huge boom for many businesses using social media. It’s common for businesses to be bombarded by agencies telling them to get on social media or they will be losing out on sales. But some agencies are saying that social media isn’t as effective as data shows and you should focus on other efforts. There are so many mixed messages about social media these days so here are three misconceptions about social media that we want you to know!

1. Social media isn’t only for companies with young audiences.

social media isnt just for younger audiences

Whilst most young people are on social media, it doesn’t mean that all social media users are young people. In fact, the fastest growing age bracket on Twitter is people between 55 and 64. So you don’t have to be a trendy tech company or a young fashion brand to be on social media. Any business can make social media work if they find the right audience, it’s just about knowing where to look.

By discovering hashtags and finding niche hashtag hours, you can target your specific audience whether this is an older one, a younger one, or one in between!

2. Social media will only work if you balance it with other marketing strategies.

Whilst social media can be effective if used with the right strategy in place and with the right investment, it is rare that it will work as a sole marketing strategy. You should use social media to direct traffic to your website or specific service pages but it won’t always work if you do this alone. You should also direct them to your blog, where you will have content marketing in place. You should direct them to your email subscription box, where you can begin to implement email marketing. You should invest in video and photography and share these on social media too.

In today’s digital landscape, there is a large stress on multi-channel marketing strategies to increase your return on investment.

3. Social media can’t replace real-life networking.

Social media, or “social networking”, can provide a fantastic opportunity to meet prospective clients or customers. You can approach them without the awkward body language and usually small talk is completely thrown out of the window.

social media should not replace real life networking

However, this doesn’t really mean that real life networking should be forgotten. In fact, social media networking works best when it is implemented alongside real life networking. If you meet somebody at a conference, you can go home and follow them on Twitter where you might continue any insightful discussions about things in your industry. Or vice versa! You might begin a conversation with somebody in your industry on social media and then meet up with them at a later conference. This multi-level networking can be a great asset.

Don’t get the wrong impression of social media!

Social media is definitely effective when used correctly and if you constantly keep up with the latest social media strategies. If you have any other social media queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on Twitter or send us a message on here. We’d be happy to help!

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