10 Useful Marketing Tools and Extensions

Digital marketing is a strategy that needs to be considered in the current business landscape, but a common (and reasonable) objection is that small business owners just don’t have the budget to invest in it, or the time to learn and manage the techniques. So we’ve put together 10 really useful tools that will either cut your costs, make digital marketing easier or will just help you be more productive or even more aware of your marketing efforts.

1. Buffer

BufferThis first tool is a really efficient social media management tool. If you have one or two social media profiles for your business like Facebook or Twitter, the Buffer app extension will help you a lot!

You can schedule posts in advance so that you can look active on social when in fact you’re in a business meeting and have just pre-scheduled them in. If you’re a small business, it’s a perfect free option. If you’re a bigger business and want to have more social profiles or more scheduled posts, then you can consider opting in and paying for the upgrade but definitely look into Buffer if you want a short-term fix.

You can even download the Buffer browser extension so if you stumble across a page online that you think you would like to share on Twitter, you can simply click on the Buffer icon and add it to your queue right from the page, so you don’t have to leave and then log in to Buffer and then do your business and log back out etc.

2. Pin It! Button


To the layman, Pinterest can be a social media site that isn’t worth the time and effort. But don’t cast it off straight away! Studies have shown that users on Pinterest have a higher engagement rate than those on Twitter. People are much more pro-active with the content on there.

If you wanted to get Pinterest but really can’t be bothered putting too much effort in, then fear not. Download the Pin it! button to your browser. Then, if you see an image online and fancy posting it to your company’s Pinterest page, you can click the Pinterest logo and do it straight from your browser. Handy!

3. Pocket


This is a handy tool that can help you with content curation for your social media pages but it can also help generally with your business and keeping up to date with industry news.

Simply speaking, Pocket is just a great bookmarking tool. Seen a great article about the latest trend in your sector? Install the Pocket extension and you can simply click the Pocket button and it will go straight to your Pocket account where you can go and read it later. Clicking the Pocket button will also allow you to share the article or website on social media or to your friends via email. A lot more efficient than having to copy and paste the URL etc.

4. MozBar


If you know anything about SEO (search engine optimisation), you probably know about the MozBar. It’s a handy indicative tool which you can toggle on and off when you need it. When on, you can see Moz’s guess (which is pretty good) at the ranking of the domain and the page itself within a search engine.

It also does this within a Google search so you can keep track of your competitor’s rankings whilst you do an active search.

5. Check My Links

This is a handy extension to use now and again just to make sure you don’t have any broken links on your website. Broken links can really lower the user experience and so Google does not look kindly to them.

Using this extension will quickly scan your web page and check that all of your links work. If there are any broken links, you can see and then correct them!

6. Google Analytics URL Builder Extension

If you don’t use Google Analytics URL Builder, you should. You can keep track of where your website visitors are coming from, whether it be through social media or an email campaign.

You can use the Google page to do it externally but if you are on the page you want to share, you can use the extension and do it right from that page. No more leaving the page and logging out and logging in and so on.

7. Resize Window

Want to test if your website is responsive? This is a really quick and easy indicative extension which can help you see what your website looks like in certain dimensions.

8. Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot

This is another tool that can be used outside of digital marketing but it is useful nonetheless. Want to grab a quick screenshot of a web page but really don’t have the energy to press the PRTSCN button and then open something like paint and crop it to what you want. This extension lets you simply highlight the section of the page you want to copy and then voila.

It also has a few other useful screenshot tools which are worth checking out!

9. WhatFont?

Again, another tool that can be used more generically but still a great tool!

Ever gone onto a website and really liked a good looking font but had no idea what it was? Well you can use this tool and hover it over the font and it will simply tell you the font! Very quick, simple and worth a share!

10. Momentum

We’re going to end on a nice productive tool that will help you more with general productivity. Momentum is a really great minimalist extension that will replace the boring ‘most visited’ new tab page on Google Chrome with a nice image, a greeting and your focus for the day.

It’s a tool that can be used to really give you a sense of purpose if you have lots going on but want to put all of your energy into one main project.

Share if you liked!

These tools are just a few in a plethora of great extensions and apps to help you with digital marketing, so keep tuned because there may be an update in a few weeks. Don’t forget to share if you found useful!

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