Why will people visit your website? (+Video)

The ultimate goal of having a website is that people visit it. Usually, we want them to buy something from us. But this isn’t always the case - there are many reasons why users will visit your website and they’re not always positive reasons either! So here are our observations of some of the common ways that users may visit your site.

Active Buyers

So this is the one we all want. The visitor who is going to your website with the sole purpose of purchasing from you. Why can’t all our visitors be like this?


A visitor may have heard of you, they may be interested in your product or service but are still doing some research. They want to check out your brand. They want to see if your prices are reasonable and that you’re not a spam artist.

Blog Readers

They may have been given a link to one of your blog posts and told they’d find it useful. They may not have any interest in your product at all and may leave once they’ve read your blog.


A visitor to your site may be a rival. They will be looking at your site to check out your prices and products, or they may be looking for inspiration for their next design update. Take it as a compliment!


Similar to the above, you may have a great design or some great website functionality and someone might be looking for general inspiration or to learn something. Good for you that they like your site!


A visitor may be a reviewer and may have been directed to your site to write a review of one of your products. Similarly, it might be an angry/happy customer who wants to write a review about their purchase.


Somebody might be looking for information and think that your website might have the answer. Maybe they want to know what your returns policy is or how long it takes for delivery. Or maybe it’s more general and they want to know a little bit more about one of your suppliers.

The point is that not all of those figures on your analytics are positive visitors. It can be really easy to get caught up in the increase of your site visits but in reality, when it comes down to business - you want conversions (i.e. enquiries or sales), not just visitors.

If you’d like our support in turning these visitors into conversions, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

Image Credits: Unsplash

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