What aspects of digital marketing can you do on your own?

What aspects of digital marketing can you do on your own?

As the digital world grows, more and more marketing techniques appear. New social media sites appear and more search engine optimisation strategies present themselves. It’s clear that companies need to approach digital marketing in a much more serious fashion than they needed to a few years ago. But what if you just don’t have the budget to hire an agency?

If you invest in a great agency from the beginning, it is obvious that you’re going to get better results. But if you’re just starting to dabble in the murky marketing waters, you could consider doing some marketing on your own.

Social media

If you’re a small business, social media might be the first thing to attempt on your own. You'll probably use it on a personal basis anyway, so you’ll be familiar with most of the tools on there. Posting statuses and uploading photos won't seem too challenging.

You’ll maybe only want to invest in an agency when you garner a significant following or when you run out of time to manage your posts. Once you have an agency, you might even want to start social media competitions. Or you might want to have a look into the paid advertising aspect of spreading your messages to the world.

Content marketing

This is another marketing strategy that you might be able to handle on your own in the beginning. If you’re unfamiliar, content marketing is the production of things like useful guides and blog posts. These help bring traffic to your website.

Just think of it as if you were writing an article for English GSCE back in the day. You’ll be familiar with some of the basics so having it a go on your own won’t be too hard. We have previously written a guide with tips for starting your first piece of content so feel free to take a look at that for help.

An agency might come in handy when you want to start thinking about search engine optimisation. They will be specialists in identifying how to make sure your blog posts appear in search results. An agency may also be useful once you want to start creating video content or podcasts.

Email marketing

Email is yet another tool that you will be familiar with. If you want to start sending out newsletters to your small list of customers, you will know how to compose a message and send it. But once your customer list grows and grows, you might need an agency to help control the strategy involved. An agency who also offers web design should be able to help you design a professional looking branded template for your e-newsletters.

Google AdWords

You will most likely want to hire a marketing agency to manage your Google AdWords, simply because it usually needs a lot of experimentation and careful monitoring to get the best results. But there is a reason why we included this on the list. Google provide plenty of useful documentation and guides to help any beginners. So if you did want to look into pay-per-click advertising, this is something you could have a go at. Then, if you decided that you need a specialist or if you became too busy, you could contact an agency.

Think of the long term …

In the long run, an agency is definitely the way to go in in our opinion. Or at the very least, you should having a digital marketing strategist on your team, especially as your business grows. But it would be ridiculous to claim that you can’t post a Facebook status or write a helpful guide without outside help. Of course there are things you can do on your own. The important thing is that you determine your ideal customer and then think about the kind of information and advice that they would expect from your business.

If you have tried digital marketing already and are thinking about hiring a marketing agency, then contact us. We would be happy to let you know more about how we approach marketing and what strategies we put in place for ourselves and our clients. Or if you want to carry on trying it out for yourself, don’t forget to sign up to our free monthly marketing advice using the box on the right!

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