How to Promote Your Social Media Sites

Social media sites are a fantastic tool to promote your website and brand. But what about promoting your social media sites? If your Facebook page has 12 likes then it’s not going to be incredibly effective in directing traffic to your website. Promoting your Facebook and Twitter accounts isn’t very time-consuming and it doesn’t have to be expensive. All it takes is a few simple steps to gain a basic following and you’re set to go.

1. Paid Advertisements

These aren’t as expensive as you’d think. Using Facebook’s promotional system, you can spend about £15 and benefit from around 30,000 impressions - and with proper testing and evaluation of demographics you could reach more. Obviously, the amount of clicks and engagement would be much smaller than impressions, but the general awareness-raising of your brand would be beneficial - especially if you’ve just started using social media.

2. Vanity URLs

A vanity URL is a customised URL such as Some sites will find it easier to make vanity URLs than others - Twitter gives you one straight away based on your ‘handle’, but Google+ is trickier. Once you have one on each social site, it’s far easier to promote. After all, it’s easier to say “forward slash statement agency” than “forward slash zero five zero one two five” etc. It just gives a much higher level of professionalism and can be very simple to get one if you have a look in your account settings.

3. Subtle Placements

By subtly placing a little line of text in your email signatures, letterheads, website footer etc, you begin to raise people’s awareness that you do have social media links. They may not click and engage straight away but in the long-term, they know you have them and know where to find them. Make sure you have social media icons on your website somewhere prominent; they take very little space and subtly let people know you have a social media presence.

How to Promote Your Social Media Sites

4. Other Social Media Sites

Ask your Twitter followers if they’ve liked you on Facebook and vice versa. If users have seen a lengthy social media list in your email signature, they are likely to just follow you on one social site because it would be more effort to follow you on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. all at the same time. If prompted again, they may follow on other platforms at a later date so it can be worth giving a polite nudge.

5. Hashtags and Tags

By tagging other people and companies in conversations, especially on Twitter, it’s likely they’ll do the same in return. A simple thanks to a company for their service, or an announcement of an event hosted by an individual can be effective in raising their brand and hopefully in return they’ll do the same. Once this happens, all of their followers will see your name and page and may be inclined to follow you too. This is something you can do constantly. Just by engaging in frequent conversation, your followers will naturally increase.

Many companies are disheartened by social media marketing because they think that all you need is a social media page and people will find it. In some cases, this does happen. But only rarely. Promoting your social media sites doesn’t necessarily have to be a challenge but many people overlook doing it. Once you start getting more follows and likes, that’s when social media marketing will begin to be effective and will direct people to your website.

If you need any further help with your social media, then don't hesitate to get in touch with us and we will be happy to offer our services!

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