4 Quick Things to Consider When Identifying Keywords for SEO

4 quick things to consider when identifying keywords for SEOIf you have heard of SEO, you’ll know it can be a valuable asset to bring traffic to your website and subsequently your business. As part of this, many companies identify keywords and implement these within their website copy and blog posts.

Here are some tips that you might not have thought of, but might want to consider when you are choosing which words you want Google to recognise your brand for.

Mobile users

Internet use on mobile devices is increasing month by month. This is dramatically changing the digital landscape in almost every aspect - web design, marketing and SEO. Without going into the more complex aspects of mobile and SEO, there are two things you should consider when identifying keywords.

The first thing is that the demographic of mobile users on your website is likely to be different to the demographic of desktop users or tablet users. It will be different for each company but chances are that they will be younger, trendier and maybe even more economically secure. Will this change your SEO keyword plan?

Another consideration, perhaps more obvious, is the fact that mobile users expect quicker everything; they expect quicker download time, instant access, easier navigation etc. Some of the time, mobile users will use shorter keywords when using search engines. Why use a long string of keywords when you can spend half the time and search for one word?

On schemes like Adwords, shorter keywords are usually more competitive too, so this is also something to consider. Is it worth allocating more investment to your marketing budget?

Local Searches

Whilst Google is doing more to bring up local results for users, it might also be worth considering keywords associated specifically with your area. Make sure your website copy and social media information identifies your location wherever relevant so that Google knows to bring up your website if somebody nearby is needing your services.


When people are searching on Google, a lot of the time they are searching with questions. Remember Ask Jeeves? A lot of people are still in that mind-set of typing in full questions in the hope that it will bring up the most specific result for them. Things like FAQ pages do well for these kind of results, so maybe it’s worth including one of these on your homepage or blog? Will this kind of format change your keyword plan?

Language change

Language changes constantly. Keep an eye out for subtle language differences and on-trend terms. We’re not saying that you will want to target things like YOLO, but there might be an upcoming term in your industry that wasn’t used historically. If this is the case, start using it (sparingly). When it becomes more widely used and popular, you will already have plenty of relevant content in your blog posts or social media posts.

Need any help?

If you are attempting to identify keywords for your business, these might be some things to consider. However, if you really want to knuckle down and get into the nitty-gritty technical world of SEO, you will probably need a lot more experience or agency help.

We always try to explain more complicated subjects in an understandable way. If you want to have a one-to-one conversation about SEO for your website, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Image Credits: HubSpot

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