Roundup of New Online Trading Regulations

It is undeniable that eCommerce and online shopping is on an exponential rise. During our time in the eCommerce industry, we have seen many retailers get involved with online trade. And as more and more companies try to get their trade online, it’s reasonable that more regulations have to come into place to keep up!

As of June 13th, there have been a few important adjustments to the current Distance Selling regulations. It’s important that you have a look at our roundup and if you want the more detailed information then have a look at the full list of regulations.


Cancellation Procedures

The first change would be to the cancellation periods that customers are now entitled to. Customers are now entitled to 14 days instead of the old standard 7 days - so customers now have a longer time to send back any goods.

No More Pre-Ticked Boxes

Before the new changes, companies could pre-tick premium delivery information. This would encourage customers to pay more for a faster delivery. But the regulations now state that these pre-ticked boxes are no longer allowed. Customers now should be able to select these themselves.

Breakdown of Costs

Customers are now entitled to a confirmation email immediately. This should include a complete breakdown of the goods and price. This breakdown also has to include any extra costs and any tax costs.

Helpline Changes

If you have a premium charge helpline for customers and their purchase queries, this has to go. Once a customer purchases a product or service, they must have access to a helpline that is not a premium telephone number. But the regulations only state this for the B2C sector, so companies in the B2B sector should be okay with this for now.

Need further help?

These changes make the online customer experience much more helpful and accessible. And this should ultimately improve your brand reputation. If you don’t know how to implement these changes, then we’re always happy to help and offer our services. Give us a call on 01924 334187 or send us a message through our contact page.

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