5 Creative & Cost-Effective Video Content Ideas

Raise your hand if you’ve ever thought that having video content on your blog would be really valuable. It’s more engaging, it’s easier to share, and it makes you look more comprehensive in your content marketing. “But it must cost a lot of money” is the popular reply when we ask people if they’d like to consider video content. It’s not exactly an inaccurate perception, but there are definitely ways around investing a lot of money in video content - especially if you just want to explore the option. You’ll want to spend as little as possible when you first start out with video production and then once you’ve become more familiar and comfortable with the medium, that’s when you might wish to invest in more sophisticated equipment or commission a company to create a professional video on your behalf.

Here at Statement, we have put together a resource for cost-effective, simple video content ideas. We hope to help you out in your content marketing journey!


Vlogging is a really efficient way of adding personality and character to your brand. If you’re not familiar with the term, vlogging is a simply a person sat in front of a camera talking about a topic. It’s like a blog, but in video format. Get your most photogenic member of your team, write them a script and then video record them talking about something in your industry.

Here is a good example of a very successful vlogger (over 2 million subscribers on YouTube). John Green is the popular young adult author who wrote The Fault in Our Stars. But he also regularly posts videos onto his and his brother’s shared YouTube channel. In this video, he talks about some great under-rated books.


If none of your team particularly like to be on camera, then animations or moving photos might be a good way to go. There are some useful tools online for animation production, depending on your level of technical experience and budget. Moovly is a simple-to-use website with various price plans. If you’re just starting, you might be okay with having a small ‘Moovly’ watermark in the corner but as you progress and become more experienced you may want to invest in a monthly charge for the more extensive features and to have their branding removed from your videos.

Product Demonstrations

If your company manufactures or sells products, instead of services, then this could be an effective idea for media content. You can invest in a low-budget video camcorder and demonstrate the features and look of a product. This is particularly useful if photos don’t really do your product justice, and you want your prospective customers to really see what they’re buying.

YouTube has some good features that might look useless to businesses at first glance but you can be really creative with them in product demos. Juicy Couture’s video advert demonstrates different clothes and outfits which you can then click on mid-video and in a new tab, the product page opens – perfect for converting interest to sales!


If your company does not offer products, but offers a digital service (such as web design or web development), screencasts could be a useful creative tool. It would take a whole different post to list the different screen recording software but some of the most highly recommended applications include Screenflow, Camtasia and Esvid. You can demonstrate how-to videos and upload them to YouTube - people are always searching for YouTube tutorials on a variety of subjects from WordPress installations to logo design.

Mobile Phone Videos

The most cost-effective (and arguably free) idea for media content is mobile video. Most people have a mobile phone with video capabilities and many have Smartphones with Vine and Instagram accounts. We were hesitant to suggest this option, as it can be risky - but it’s an option to explore if you want a video to go viral. Some big companies are using Vine and Instagram to spread awareness of their brand and in only 6-second videos. Truthfully, this should only be a resource that you use once you’re comfortable with video content and not really as a beginner’s starting point.

Burberry uploaded a popular 6 second video onto Vine of their Menswear show last year, so check that out for inspiration!

At Statement, we think that video and moving image content can be really valuable when implemented and promoted properly. It can be one of the most engaging types of content and fewer brands take advantage of what it could do for their company than they should, possibly because they think they’ll have to spend a lot of money or time investing in the project.

Be unique!

And finally, be unique with your video ideas - it’s a great opportunity to be creative. I’ll finish this post with some fun parodies of video content as a suggestion of what not to do!

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