10 Interesting Ways to Recycle Your Old Content

Struggling to come up with great, unique, brand-focused content?

If you write content regularly, it can be tricky to keep thinking of fresh ideas week after week. Or even day after day if you’re brave enough to post that often! Soon enough, your content can begin to sound forced and could be harmful to your reputation if you’re replicating exactly what everybody else is already doing.

Instead, what you could do is recycle your old content and republish it in a new way. You’ve been told before to reuse and recycle, why not do it with your online content, along with your shopping bags?

It’s a useful method if your ideas are running low, but it also means that newer readers don’t miss out on your old content. However, it’s important that this strategy is used sparingly. The key idea is to take all the main points and recreate your content in a different and engaging format, whilst still giving a feeling of originality.


1. Podcasts

There are thousands of podcasts, focusing on almost every topic you can imagine, and all you need is a microphone. Take the important points of old posts and convert them into an audio format to download. Perhaps your followers could listen to your content on their way to work. Some bloggers recommend providing a transcript to support SEO but this is entirely up to you.

2. Slideshows

If your old content is somewhat educational, you might feel that it now looks a little ‘text heavy’ Instead, you can open up an application such as PowerPoint or Prezzi and reformat it. SlideShare is a great website for sharing these!

3. Infographics

Infographics are always popular because of their visual appeal and ease of shareability on sites like Tumblr. Sites like Visual.ly are great sources of inspiration. However, if you want to ensure high quality design you may be better off commissioning a designer. But there’s nothing stopping you being creative and giving it a go!

4. Video

Television Monitor

Videos are always engaging for readers. But they can be time consuming to create, and you’ll probably want to get professional equipment to provide a high quality experience. But there are some web based tools, such as Animoto and Powtoon, which can help you create lower cost, simple videos.

5. Vlogs

‘YouTubers’ can become very popular by providing facts and figures in a visually engaging format. The difference between vlogs and normal videos is usually just a face and personality. Some popular vloggers are Hank and John Green who provide a lot of interesting and engaging content in these vlogs, and have become quite a household name in the YouTube community. Other famous vloggers, some with over 5 million subscribers, are Zoella, charlieissocoollike and JennaMarbles.

If you are an expert in your industry or think you have a lot of valuable subject-specific knowledge you could repurpose all of the information you’ve posted previously and post it again in various formats.

6. Talks

You could recycle your content in the form of a recorded seminar or conference. This is obviously an idea for a big project and not necessarily an idea that can be done in an afternoon!

7. eBooks

If you don’t really have the time or resources to host a conference, and if you’re a smaller brand you probably won’t have, you could provide a much simpler eBook. This would have all of the same information but readers can consume it at their own leisure.

This can work the other way too - a possibility is to take an already existing eBook you have and release it chapter-by-chapter on your blog, which is a great way to reel people in and get them to subscribe.

You may not be an industry leading expert or have a lot of unique subject knowledge but what you might have is an interesting opinion.

8. Responses

If a blogger has created a post that is inspirational, comment on what they had to say. The unique thing about being online is the possibility to have conversations, instead of just simply announcements, so start these conversations!

9. Roundups

Popular news items always provoke lots of different engaging opinions on Twitter. You could create a master post of these tweets and provide your readers with a round-up of all the big views, alongside your personal commentary.

Pencil Clock

10. Updates

If you wrote a post a long time ago, or even a few months ago, chances are your industry has changed and that post is out-of-date. You could create a new updated post which also links back to your old post and you can comment on how the topic and your attitudes have changed. Though the best plan is to try and post content that doesn’t go out of date, or ‘evergreen’ content, but obviously there will be some content that has become timeworn, so update it!

Obviously not all of these suggestions will be appropriate to your brand, but it may give you some inspiration. Always try and give original or evergreen content, but if you’re struggling - recycling content could be the way to go to prevent your old content from being forgotten and lost in the archives.

If you need any further help with content marketing, don't hesitate to get in touch with us and have a chat about how we can help you with your marketing strategies.

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