5 social media statistics that might surprise you

Social media is a relatively new method of reaching out to consumers and prospective clients, but be careful not to underestimate platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ as a fad. We’ve found a few facts and statistics that might just surprise you and added our own suggestions as to how they might impact your business.

1) Don’t assume that only teenagers enjoy social media. The fastest growing demographic on Twitter is the 55-64 year age bracket

What this means: Age affects out interests, values and vocabulary. Keep this age group in mind when producing content for your blog posts if your products or services could benefit someone in this age bracket. Given that Twitter has over 500 million users, the group could present a significant opportunity for growth.

2) Almost 190 million Facebook users only use the platform on their mobile phone

What this means: How well do your blog articles display on mobile devices? If you want people to engage with your content and share it with their friends and colleagues, you need to be sure that your website is optimised for mobile and tablet devices, using techniques such as response design.

3) A recent study in the United States suggested that you are more likely to reach the 18-34 year old demographic via YouTube than through television advertisements.

What this means: If your team has dabbled with the idea of using videos to promote your services, but wondered whether it would be worth the effort and cost, it could be time for a rethink.

4) Two new members join Linkedin every second

What this means: Linkedin is a social network for professionals who want to connect with others in their industry. Making your business a great source of information can help to get your name out there, and with over 238 million users to potentially connect with, why wouldn’t you?

5) If you were to combine the number of users who are registered with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Instagram and Pinterest, your potential global audience would total more than 2,588,000,000.

What this means: It might be appropriate to share your website content through a number of social media channels, so if you’re going to put the time into writing effective blog posts, consider spending just a few extra seconds to really maximise their impact by sharing them across different platforms. Implementing a strong social media strategy can be a daunting prospect, particularly if you don’t feel that you’re socially savvy to begin with. Even if you are, you may find that you need to use the platforms with a different mind-set in order for them to work effectively for your business.

At Statement, we’ve helped a number of our clients to integrate social media into their marketing plans and seen fantastic results. It seems that the social media revolution is here to stay!

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