Our Search for the Perfect Design Agency Project Management Software

Digital, design and marketing campaigns require a team effort. With project managers, web designers, front-end developers and marketing executives all working on an array of projects at any one time, communication and efficiency are vital to the success of our work.

Our agency has grown rapidly over the last five years and around 18 months ago, we began investigating project management software, trying to find the optimum tool to support our expanding team. We tried and tested around 20 cloud-based project management systems, including Basecamp, Trello, Podio, Projecturf, Workflowmax and Traffic Live.

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As a digital and design agency, we are always open to adapting in order to improve efficiency, following the sentiment of Kaizen, but we were not prepared to overhaul the way we worked to fit into a system. We are great believers that technology should be designed around people and how they work best.

Like a number of agencies, we also considered designing and developing our own project management system, although this was likely to prove expensive, and with a busy portfolio of clients, would have taken considerable time to develop.

Running out of steam, we decided to trial Teamwork PM…and were really impressed! Don’t get us wrong, it doesn’t meet 100% of our needs; for example, we’d love to see an integrated CRM to keep track of client communication and sales, but here are 5 things that we love about it:

Keeping projects on track

Teamwork Project Manager software allows Statement’s creative team to manage multiple projects, where each team member can assign tasks to the relevant colleagues, saving the need for ‘catch up’ conversations following each client meeting. Tasks can be set with due dates or can be linked to key milestones so that at any one time, each member of the team can see exactly what they need to do, and how soon they need to do it.

Sharing and collaborating

The ability to work effectively as a team is what makes the difference between projects that succeed and projects that don't. Teamwork’s dashboard allows all of our team members to see which tasks have been completed, which are ongoing and any new tasks that have been added, allowing us to work collaboratively towards deadlines. Further description can be added to each task, so any barriers to progress or information critical to a next step can be immediately viewed by everyone concerned.

Working efficiently

Another handy feature of Teamwork is the Log Time function, which allows all members of the team to record how long they are spending working on each project throughout the day. This can prove useful in monitoring how efficiently time is being used. All in all, this feature helps our team members to be more time aware, avoiding the likelihood of a project running over its allocated budget.

Easy access

As Teamwork Project Manager is web-based, it can be accessed remotely and therefore, tasks lists can be amended quickly, wherever our creative people are working from. This is another way in which we can be assured that all of the information stored in Teamwork is timely and relevant.

We’ve only just begun

Even now, we have really only touched the surface of what can this software can offer, but with constant updates and improvements and more features that we have yet to try out, we’re confident that Teamwork Project Manager, at this time, is the optimum way for us to manage our increasing portfolio of digital, design and marketing projects.

Choosing the right project management software is of paramount importance to a busy digital and design agency, so it's important to get it right. Why not give Teamwork PM a try, with their 30 day free trial?

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