Spend Spend Spend! Brits Lead the World in Online Shopping

A report published today by Ofcom has shown that internet shopping is more popular in the UK than in any other major country. On average, they claim that the average Brit will spend around £1,083 each year on online shopping. Australians are second in the chart, spending just under £850 a year.

The surge in mobile usage has been a contributing factor to this trend. The emergence of smart phones and the continued fall in cost for these devices has led to a massive rise in mobile web online shopping. Google estimate that by next year, 50% of all web browsing will be on mobiles.

This is great news for online retailers, but it does pose some challenges. Most websites are still designed for the old style of web browsing, for users who are operating a web browser on a laptop or desktop machine. As a result, these sites don't work very well on the smaller screens that are found on mobile devices. Google research suggests that users on mobiles now expect a positive mobile browsing experience and, if they don't receive this, they'll probably go elsewhere.

So it's clear that more users will be browsing your website from a mobile or tablet. And it's also clear that these users need a slightly different web experience to that of desktop users. The businesses who take action now and provide this will be the winners as the rest of the market lags behind and procrastinates.

At Statement, our approach is based on one called responsive design. This means that any site we build, whether it's an eCommerce site to sell products or services, or a marketing site to promote a business or organisation, is automatically optimised for the smaller screens found on mobile and tablet devices.

The design elements automatically adjust for users on these devices, providing a clear and positive web browsing experience. The result? Happier web site visitors who are much more likely to buy your product, service or get in touch with you.

We've already seen incredible changes in web browsing habits on our client sites in 2012, with increases of up to 250% in visitors using mobile. We'll be keeping a close eye on the mobile trends over the next year and writing about our findings. What you can bet on is more significant increases in traffic from Android and iOS devices.

Have you noticed a surge in online shopping? Get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter and let us know.

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